Jon Udell to Speak at Spring Kynetx Impact Conference

Jon Udell

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I'm excited to announce that Jon Udell will be speaking at Kynetx Impact in April. I've known Jon for years--we met though blogging while I was CIO for Utah. He's the perfect person to keynote Impact because he's first and foremost a developer who understands the core nature of the Web.

Jon's topic will be (loosely) "why the decentralized architecture of the Web matters." That's a great topic for Impact because what we're trying to help developers do is create applications that leverage that decentralzied architecture rather than trying to figure out ways to get what they want done in spite of it. The client-centric, rather than server-centric, nature of Kynetx applications is all about embracing decentralization.

In addition to Jon, I'll be speaking and so will Craig Burton. We're working on an awesome agenda and I'll publish that soon. In addition to some mind blowing keynotes that challenge the way you've thought about programming the Web, we'll also be going over the latest developments in KRL.

If you're wondering if you ought to come to Impact, I'd give you this rubric: If you're a Web programmer who's wanted to get beyond the confines of the server and create applications that work anywhere, Impact is for you. Applications built using KRL go beyond a single location and let you work whereever information has the most meaning for your users. As an example, here's an application I wrote that mashes up Twitter with a dozen Web sites to carry the Twitter discussion to them.

People who came to Impact in November will tell you that even if you're not sure you're going to use Kynetx to build your application, the ideas at Impact are of a different stripe than those of a traditional Web development conference. Come participate in the discussion and be part of the client-side revolution.

The spring Kynetx Impact conference will be held April 27-28 in Salt Lake City. The normal price of admittance is $150, but if you ise the code "FOK2010" you'll get 30% off.

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