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The CompuServe of Things

On the Net today we face a choice between freedom and captivity, independence and dependence. How we build the Internet of Things has far-reaching consequences for the humans who will use—or be used by—it. Will we push forward, connecting things using forests of silos that are reminiscent the online services of the 1980's, or will we learn the lessons of the Internet and build a true Internet of Things?
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Fuse is a Telemetrics Platform for Your Car: Trips on Your Calendar

Fuse is more than just a connected-car app. Fuse is a telemetrics platform for your car. This post shows how I was able to, in a few hours, create an iCalendar feed for the trips that my truck takes and automatically put them on my calendar. This illustrates why I believe calendars will be one of the key UI components of the Internet of Things.
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On Names and Heterarchy

Heterarchical (non-hierarchical) naming systems are vital if we are to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of surrendering our rights and our privacy to a tyranny of connected computers and devices that intermediate our lives at every level based on centralized authority. This post explores names and alternatives to names, including the use of bitcoin as a distributed directory that is immune from the problems that hierarchical solutions impose.
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