In Praise of IT Conversations' Audio Engineers

I published a panel discussion of Web 2.0 from SofTECH last week. Listen to it--I think you're like it.

In fact I was so sure it was good content that I put it in the production queue against the advice of Paul Figgiani, IT Conversation's Chief Audio Engineer. As we got it, the audio was pretty rough. If you listen to it now, you'd never know it--I was amazed at how well it had cleaned up. All I've got to say is that Steven Ng, the show's audio engineer and Paul are miracle workers.

At one point in the discussion, Robert Rebholz from Microsoft mentions CardSpace and Kim Cameron and then mentions an upcoming "reputation" product (service?) from Microsoft. That piqued by interest, as you might expect.

I just finished a paper on our reputation framework (PDF) for the upcoming WWW2007 conference last night. This is, I believe, much improved over our earlier paper. This paper expands and justifies the reputation principles by appealing to (and referencing) past research on reputation.

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