Personal Digital Identity Summit in London

Simon Grice has announced the Personal Digital Identity Summit in London on November 17 and 18th. These are the precise dates of Jaco Aizenman's virtual rights summit in Costa Rica. Ah, I'd like to go to both. From Simon's email announceing the summit:

We are hoping to bring together most of the key parties in the space in London for a 2 day event exclusively focused on PDiD. The event has already attracted significant interest from speakers, attendees and possible sponsors so with a following wind it will be an enjoyable and productive couple of days.

EEMA ( are actually organising the event and the 'forming' PDiD Association will be managing commercial sponsors and PR/marketing etc.

The event will take a 2 day form with the 17th Nov (Thursday) being more formal aimed at helping corporate/government/voluntary organisations understand what PDiD *is* and how the world is starting to change around 'it' and of course the benefits to their organisations of embracing PDiD in some form.

The 2nd day (18th November) will be more informal and be aimed at helping those in the sector (including possibly some people on this list) to get together, discuss, share ideas, demonstrate etc. A slightly more formal Technical session will also be held in the morning of the 18th November.

No doubt those with the energy and desire will end up sampling London's nightlife on the evening of the 18th.

If you're interesting attending, speaking, demoing or sponsoring, contact Simon at

If you're wondering what "personal digital identity" is, see Simon's white paper (PDF) on the topic.

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