iPod set up with the "Muse"

I flew to Palo Alto this morning with Steve Fulling for some talks with Rohit Khare, Frank Martinez, and others on directory services. We left Spanish Fork this morning at about 6am. It took 3.5 hours to fly to Palo Alto with a little bit of a tail wind. (See pictures.)

Palo Alto has a great little airport, but very busy. You can get in and out of Palo Alto without entering the SFO class B or the San Jose (SJC) class C airspaces. We contacted the Palo Alto tower over the east bay and flew the Dumbarton bridge right in. Very different experience flying to the Bay Area in a small plane. I enjoyed the trip a lot.

We came over at 14,500 feet and discovered that iPods, at least Steve's v4, have issues at altitude. My v3 iPod seemed fine and we listened to that most of the way. You can see the set up we use to hook it to the plane intercom in the picture. A little kludgy, but it sure beats singing to yourself on a 3 hour flight.

Overall the meeting went very well. We were discussing possible alternatives to UDDI, which I've dubbed LDDI. The meeting notes are a little rough, but convey the gist of the conversation.

Update: Doug Kaye had the same experience with his iPod at altitude some months ago. He wrote about it in his newsletter (towards the bottom of the page).

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