DIDW 2004: A Few Technologies that Interested Me

You already know that I liked the Identity Commons and i-names. There were a few other technologies I ran across at the show that I liked as well. Briefly, here they are:

  • Core Street makes technology for controlling physical access, among other things. What I thought was cool is that they use smart cards (their vendor agnostic) as a form of sneaker net to carry revocation lists, access changes, new certificates and so on from lock to lock. This allows them to put smart card access-controlled locks on places that can't be networked (like the door of an airplane cockpit) and still keep it up to date. I think that's very clever. As an aside, the CEO of Core Street, Phil Libin writes a weblog called Vastly Important Notes.
  • sxip Networks (pronounced "skip") is a person-centric identity company, giving people the ability to manage an identity that can be federated across multiple sites. Once you create a sxip ID at your home site (which could be your own computer), you can use it to log into any sxip membersites. There's a demo on their site which you can use to actually create a sxip ID and then use it.
  • Midentity is a British company founded by Simon Grice. I met Simon and heard about Midentity last year at DIDW 2003. Midentity allows you to create identity profiles and then share them with others. Midentity did the attendee list for DIDW 2004 and I've used it already to contact some people at the conference who I didn't have email addresses for. I wish O'Reilly would do this at their conferences instead of the printed page of names and addresses.

There's plenty of other companies here at the show and I'm sure they've got some good tech, but these seemed particularly innovative and interesting.

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