Utah.gov Wins Best of the Web

The Center for Digital Government announced today that Utah.gov, the State's online services portal, has won their Best of the Web award for 2003. Cathilea Robinett, executive director of the Center for Digital Government praised the portal:

Utah has a beautiful Web site that is easy to navigate and offers a variety of online services," said Robinett. "It has a live 24/7 customer-service help function, the most advanced common look-and-feel features in the nation, dynamic content, and a large amount of online services. Utah has historically been a leader in digital government. Capturing first-place in the Best of the Web contest reflects its true commitment to the citizens and businesses of the state

Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt's ambitious efforts last year to expand and restructure his IT department and accelerate the state's online offerings paid off. After months of collaboration between his office, IT managers and department heads, hundreds of online services were integrated, resulting in a consolidation that saved money and improved the quality of service to citizens.

Utah has worked hard to create a online presence that provides comprehensive and easy to use services. The one-stop business registration system is a perfect example of where Utah is headed. Everyone involved ought to be proud to have their hard work recognized.

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