Is This the End of Linux?

Connect Magazine, a regional business magazine where I have a monthly column has a feature story this month called Is This the End of Linux? The article is not an apology for SCO and not a SCO-bash either. Overall, I think it does a good job of presenting SCOs arguments while raising some some fair questions about how SCO operates. There's a good discussion of Canopy, the investment firm behind SCO. Ralph Yarrow, the head of Canopy, is quoted in the article:

"Dig into Canopy and you'll see we make much more money than we have in lawsuits. I'm in the business of growing tech companies, and if I need to litigate to protect them, I'll do that." Even if it means a rash of bad press, like the SCO case. "I've never worried about public image. I don't manage other people's money, we're self-perpetuating. Image has little impact, if any."

I don't buy this. One of the great tragedies of this whole thing is the damage that's being done to other Canopy companies---good companies that are unrelated to SCO but are feeling the weight of the bad press. I've talked to a number of friends who work for Canopy companies and they all feel it to one degree or another.

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