I downloaded Safari, Apple's new borwser last night. Its fast and well integrated. I think its kind of gutsy for Apple to launch a browser, but MS has one and I think there's a good case to be made that tight integration with the OS is a nice feature for a browser (even though I'm a Mozilla user). I used it for a while and it seemed to work fine, even though its beta. I have just one complaint that, for now, is a show stopper.

I want tabs. If you're a an IE user, you don't know what I'm talking about. Mozilla (and Netscape, I presume) allows you to open new URLs as tabs inside a single frame. This is a great way to manage desktop clutter. I frequently get 10-15 windows of various sorts open and tabs help me keep my workspace tidy.

I like tabs so much, that I started using a teminal application called iTerm because it supports tabs. When I'm writing code, I usually want three or four terminal windows open to different directories and iTerm lets me tab them inside a single frame. Nice.

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